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Though the R-2's a heavy bombardment unit, in Rai's hands it becomes a menacing foe at any range, though Rai prefers to stay back to get the most use of its twin shoulder-mounted cannons, leaving the melee for Ryusei.

In , Rai was a test pilot for the Super Prototype "Huckebein" at mecha manufacturer "Mao Industries" on the moon.

He remains in the "Earth Federation Army", defending the Earth from various aliens and dissidents among the "Earth Federation", while not letting go of his Otaku traits. Despite this, he continues to fight and eventually gets to control the upgraded SRX "Altered" Banpreios and heads for the offensive against the "Ze Balmary Empire".

Although Ryusei is absent in , except he gets hit with Heroic B. Worth noting is in , he proves to be quite a stud, such as getting the attention of Latooni Subota and Mai Kobayashi.

However, an error with the "Black Hole Engine" in the Huckebein leveled the facility: although Rai is one of three people to survive this "Vanishing Trooper Incident", his left hand is crushed during the accident, replaced with a prosthetic.

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Of note is Ingram comes from , where he is one of two selectable protagonists for the game.In , the cause of the lab accident is due to the "Aerogaters" in secret: Mai was kidnapped, Brainwashed, and turned into one of the Aerogaters, taking the name "Levi Tolar", the self-proclaimed "Priestess of Judecca", piloting the mighty "Judecca"; in either Continuity, she and Ingram challenges the SRX Team on multiple occasions.In , prior to the final battle, Levi is convinced by the SRX Team of her origins, aligning with them and defeating the Aerogaters.along the way), Ryusei's the prime example of the Ascended Fanboy, especially regarding video games and and Humongous Mecha (particularly super robots), and is apparently uninterested in human girls, but swoons over girly-looking giant robots; he also has a sickly mother.His story, especially told in ) of a competitive Mecha Game "Burning PT", as the robots used by the military have similar controls to the game.

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