Shure microphone serial number dating

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The mic was tailored for good speech response, and was made to withstand temperature extremes, and to be practically moisture proof.It is unaffected by weather extremes and salt spray making an ideal choice for coastal areas.A few local musicians have made it to be part of nationally known blues artist’s bands such as Carey Bell, Savoy Brown, The Nighthawks, William Clarke, and others.Others have toured Europe and other countries on their own.All the info given is correct to the best of my knowledge, but I can't say that all the information is 100% fact because there is no written info, or records kept by Shure to back it up.So, given that, take this info for what it's worth, with a grain of salt, but it is the result of many years of collecting information and the microphones themselves from various periods in time.

It has become a leading choice among vocalists and touring professionals worldwide.

It's here to share the information that I have gathered over many years of collecting and researching harmonica mics, and looking for ways to get the tone that we're all looking for by using different mic's, amp's, and other gadgets.

I have been collecting and researching harp mics for the past 15 years, getting as much information as I could from various sources, but mostly through collecting, and closely inspecting mics from various periods in time from the early 1940's to present day mics.

Much of the information also came from a couple of long time employees of Shure Brothers Inc., whom I would like to thank for their time spent with me on the phone, the info they gave me as they remembered it, and the info they sent to me from the very limited records that Shure kept on most of their early day microphones.

I would also like to thank Rick Beall from for helping me to share info and providing a link to me for anyone wishing to contact me for whatever reason.

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