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A new study by Pew Research Center found that sending notifications via text to consenting survey panel members improves response time (people take the survey sooner, on average) and boosts the share of respondents completing the survey on a mobile device.

It does not, however, increase the ultimate response rate over a longer field period compared with sending notifications by email only.

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Taken together with tablets, 57% of respondents in the text and email group completed the survey using a mobile device, compared with only 42% of the email-only group.This report examines the response patterns and demographic composition of respondents in each group for the two experiments.It also looks more broadly at who in the panel consented to receiving this type of survey text message.There were no differences in performance between all-male and all-female groups, but mixed-sex groups had poorer performance, with mixed-adjacent groups having significantly lower sensitivity than homogeneous-sex groups.The results were interpreted as indicating that heterogeneity of groups with regard to sex interacts with seating pattern in affecting performance, probably due to the formation of information coalitions between like-sex group members when the seating pattern encourages such coalitions.

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