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They are also weak against higher beings such as Lucifer and Jack Kline as both are capable of torturing and killing them.On November 2, 1983, in Lawrence, Kansas, Azazel pays a visit to an infant Sam Winchester.With the deaths of Azazel and Lilith and with Lucifer having been defeated, Hell was left in a power vacuum and Crowley, acting as an emissary, paid a visit to Ramiel in 2011 to give him the Colt and the Lance of Michael as offerings to take control of Hell's throne.Ramiel declined, instead suggesting that Crowley is ambitious enough to take it, telling him he need not worry about the Princes coming after the throne.A multi-chapter story originally published on and Whats Your in 2008 of high-jinks between season 7 American Idol winner David Cook and his now-deceased friend Michael Johns.

Monica Holt enters her baby Rose's nursery to find a dark figure standing over the crib.

They cannot cross iron and can be trapped inside of devil's traps.

The only two weapons that have been shown to be able to kill a Prince of Hell have been the Colt and the Lance of Michael.

The Princes are capable of making deals with humans and they have the power to possess reapers and use their powers for themselves.

They also have the power to kill angels and lesser demons.

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