Pandora box dating method

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Here are the eight types Vin introduces you to inside the program: Yet not only does Pandora's Box tell you how to identify each girl...It tells you exactly what you need to do with her to take her to bed or to make her your girlfriend.I first met Vin back in 2006 in a seedy rented office in downtown Manhattan.He was in a green velvet blazer, and I was there to learn how to pick up chicks. However, you can still learn how to do great with girls from one of the early 21st century's legendary dating gurus (and my early instructor).Those dimensions are: It's sort of like a Myers-Briggs test for dating.Only it's easier to use and far more practical (the results get you laid! Once you know where a girl stands on each of the three dimensions, you know which type she is.His business partner was Sebastian Drake, his teacher and mentor.

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And Vin put his scientist cap back on and went to work breaking down Sebastian's method.By the time I met the two of them, they'd devised a complete approach to dating. VAC, auto-rejection, expectation setting, all that comes from them.Vin was the quiet calculator to Sebastian's manic, happy energy.Vin's one of the few guys in dating who dabbles in the "Dark Arts" of seduction. In search of the hidden buttons to push that make girls do things they usually wouldn't do. Or, ever notice how some girls are total romantics, heads in the clouds... While other girls are as hard-nosed and practical as an Army drill sergeant?The Pandora's Box System shows you how to grade each and every girl you meet according to three (3) different dimensions.

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