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The films were made during 2009–10 and represent attempts to make films on the basis of historical material: one film is based on a plot common for post-Soviet space, while the other tries to come to grips with the peripetia of Belarus’s immediate history on more specific material.People and Wolves Written in 1964 by the director and scriptwriter of Belarusfilm, Aleksandr Chekmenev, the story was published only in 1989 under the veil of perestroika.

The director had also been expected to perform some stylistic experiment, although—trained in the spirit of realism— he has presented something like a classical drama.

While awaiting a new production at Belarusfilm the director, whose full-length debut coincided with his 50th anniversary, adapted several short stories with criminal plots for Russian serials.

In we therefore have the same theme of “cops and thieves,” even if the source for the plot is not entirely criminal.

The theme of Stalin’s repressions was certainly a silent taboo in the recent history of Belarusfilm.

Nevertheless, a number of experts had expected from new Belarusian cinema something essentially new and accused of being old-fashioned.

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