Hot chat with strangers

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Don’t forget to smile when using this approach by the way!

Another observation I’ve made is that fancy dress tends to encourage people talking, if you’re wearing a chicken suit people think it’s normal to have a chat for some reason. There is an exception however, this is when someone has brought their baby or dog, suddenly it’s ok to smile and ask ‘how old is she’ or ‘what’s his name’?

When attempting to talk to strangers you have to accept that the first few moments will be awkward sometimes, that some people will blank you – that’s just life.

My experience tells me most people are very happy to have a chat and nobody will bite you!

You can use technology to find the 0 throw Gwyneth Paltrow keeps on her divan (alpaca!

), diagnose that weird red mole on your arm (cancer!

Trouble is they go back to not speaking in January again…

Alcohol works but it’s not a great strategy in my book, I know I’m not the best networker when I’ve had a few drinks!

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I mean after all, we’re taught by our parents never to speak to strangers and the only folks that do seem to be the village idiot and local yokels.

Instead ask what they did on the weekend, what holidays they have planned etc and get them talking – everyone wants to speak about their passions.

The following day this person will definitely remember speaking to you and you can take it from there – now that you know each other a little bit it’s time to see how you could possibly help each other. Related: The Psychology of Networking: How Some Appear Natural While Others Stutter.

Your cranky great-grandfather thinks that 2016 is the year the machines take over.

While your great-grandfather probably got radical plastic surgery and moved to America after experimenting on twins in the war, he is probably right about this.

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