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If they’re reaching over to touch your arm, or put their hand on your knee then you’re probably OK to move a little closer.

But in the meantime stick with the rule of thumb of keeping two feet of distance between yourself and your date to avoid the ‘creep zone’. Using pet names ‘Angel’, ‘sweetheart’ and ‘honey buns’ are all a no-no in the early dating stages.

Unfortunately, in the world of dating everyone’s behaviour is under the microscope.

You could be a great date, but one wrong move will leave your date reaching for their bag and looking at the door.

- Remain anonymous : only your user name and your description are visible to the person you are talking to and this guarantees your anonymity until you decide that it is time to reveal your identity.

Don't fall in love after chatting on line with someone for 60 seconds, for example!

If you know you do this automatically, try to replace it with her name instead.

And if you can’t remember her name, well, you’ve got a problem!

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In fact, on the contrary, it seems that a photo of you with your pet is more likely to be an advantage. Generally speaking, out of respect for your confidentiality, heterosexual male members for example only view photos of heterosexual female members; and heterosexual female members only view photos of heterosexual male members.

This doesn’t show you to be interested in your date, it just makes you seem creepy.

Of course, you should read your date’s body language.

But that’s not a reason to continually text, call and email someone who’s already made it clear they’re not interested. a) Keep trying b) Walk over and say ‘hi’ c) Give up If your answer was a) or b), you lose.

As we mentioned above, some women do try and play hard to get.

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