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A 42-year-old Asian man living in Long Beach, California, can present himself as a blond 15-year-old girl from New Jersey who loves partying with friends and listening to Christina Aguilera.You simply don’t know who your children are talking to.“Our kids don’t realize the danger they can get themselves into,” says North Carolina Special Agent E. Every time they post a message, they reveal things about themselves that a predator could potentially use.Often, however, those differences create friction, sparks, even explosions.For singles, those frustrations can be magnified as you navigate the shifting waters of dating life, and each person you encounter presents fresh challenges in how to behave without being misinterpreted or hurt.

Not only that, He has given us some ground rules for how to make our relationships with those of the opposite sex work. In His Word He gives us insight into how to avoid the pitfalls that can sink a friendship or a marriage—and also, how to satisfy the needs of those of the opposite sex. And selfishness is the number-one obstacle to having meaningful relationships—especially with people of the opposite sex.

The lesson: Monitor your children, or the perverts will do it for you.

Over 280 million people use the two social networking websites My Space and Facebook.

Some predators seek information so they can steal a child’s identity to obtain phony credit cards and create fake identities to sell, and commit other crimes.

Children could also be exposed to online bullying and harassment.

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