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Kuperberg says it’s unwise to either move in or get married before the age of 23. Economist Evelyn Lehrer (University of Illinois-Chicago) says the longer people wait past 23, the more likely a marriage is to stick.In fact, Lehrer’s analysis of longitudinal data shows that for every year a woman waits to get married, right up until her early 30s, she reduces her chances of divorce.Coincidentally, in another paper released the same day, researchers at the University of Miami in Coral Gables found that there might be physical traits at work.Not surprisingly, more attractive people were more likely to get married than less attractive people, but not by much, and mostly that rule only applied to women.

College educated women date guys for an average of 14 months before they become roomies.

The paper also found, for what it’s worth, that cohabitation was likely to lead to marriage for women with “above average grooming” and men with “above average personalities.” Good looking men—those Lotharios— were more likely to cohabit without getting married.

(Exhibit A: George Clooney.) Why get married at all?

Your confidence and professional demeanor speaks for itself and it put clients at ease.

Just as nobody buys a car without taking it for a test-drive, most people—about two thirds of couples—don’t get married any more until they’ve lived with their proposed lifetime partner.

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