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Paired with a lightweight 2x10 cab it's super loud and really portable for her (she couldn't really lift the old amp for more than a couple feet) and still has that great ampeg thump.Also worth noting that we bought a blemished model (because who cares with amps) at 284$ and have no idea where the blemish is!The tone is exactly what I'm after, I get the power I need without having to drive it quite as hard, the features are incredible and the size and price are just what I needed.At my age (52) I'm just not into dragging around huge bass gear anymore - so I drive 2 Eden EX115 cabs with the Ampeg PF500 and it sounds like I've got a big behemoth behind me! i use this head with an Eden 4x10XLT 4ohm 700wt cab.fantastic set of features - I love the tuner out, the effects loop and the fact that I can blend it with my dry signal - awesome.using the foot switch (got a 9 dollar ibanez and it works fine) is cool too.

I'm pretty sure that I'll have no issues in most places, and DI for the others.

Now sound quality is subjective to some degree but this amp sounded GREAT to me with Bass, Mid, and Treble set flat. So starting there, tweaking these controls has been merely a curiosity so far, but I think you could find a sound for any style of music. By the second set last night I had settled on the following: Compressor at 12 o'clock, input gain at 1 o'clock, Ultra Lo and Hi both disengaged, Bass at 1 o'clock, Mid flat at 12 o'clock, and Treble at 1 o'clock.

It was the most sonically satisfying gig I've ever played.

I had thundering lows, clear punchy mids, and transparent highs all at the same time.

The venue was not huge but I was loud with the output volume set at 1 o'clock.

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