Dating in the 1970 s

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So, the first part of the 1970's still had the hippy styles, with great colors on patterns.To seal that feeling, our parents became adults in the 1960's, and felt torn between setting limits, and setting us free, so we really weren't sure what the rules were.If somene applied to five schools, they wouldn't share that information with anyone, friends would think they were nuts. A new car cost about 00, which was a lot of money when babysitting paid 75 cents an hour, so no teen I knew had a new car.But you could buy an old beater car for about 0, and a lot of us did. And most cars had bench seats, which we would fill up with our friends, without worrying about the seatbelts, and in the San Fernando Valley, we would then drive down the boulevards at night, "cruising" during the summer to look at people, and be looked at. Surprisingly safe, too, since we drove slowly, and so did everyone else--the better to see and be seen.When we prepared to go to college, we applied to maybe three or four colleges.

I guess that drive to use technology to meet others was already there.We were the generation that watched "The Dating Game" and "The Brady Bunch," Saturday morning cartoons, and "Afternoon Specials" (TV movies made for kids/teens, to entertain us after school).There weren't a lot of great shows on TV, so we all watched the best ones, on the same night, and talked about them the next day.We weren't told to always walk with a friend, AIDS wsan't known yet, and we ran pretty free. This sexually transmitted disease was considered the worst thing that could happen to you for having sex, and we were all taught about it, and warned about it."Just say no" was not yet a thing, and the adults expected that teens were going to have sex and experiment with drugs. Heroine was not part of the teen set, and the common drugs were pot, LSD, and cocaine.

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