Creation science radiometric dating

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It seems that all of the dating techniques are pure speculation and the data is interpreted to get the dates they want in the first place and I believe this is circular reasoning.They use the dates they want and throw out anything contrary to there beliefs.The results were accepted and published by the science journal in 2002.But recently, a different group of long-age-believing scientists took a fresh look at the bird-like dinosaur footprints and concluded that they were indeed made by birds after all—actually, by the familiar sandpiper of today, a small bird common to wetlands, grasslands and coastal habitats around the world.The evidence would either be rejected, or explained-away, or the radioisotope ‘date’ for that rock formation would simply be altered.Before any radioisotope dating is done, laboratories routinely ask geologists (or paleontologists, as the case may be) for their opinion on the age of the rocks.

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Thank you for all the outstanding work done there at CMI I pray for all there and that the Lord Jesus Christ richly bless all there ...The radiometric date of the Santo Domingo formation also agreed with the dating based on fossil wood found entombed in the rock.This wood came from an extinct species of tree conventionally believed to have existed around 200 million years ago.Such faulting can result in older strata being pushed on top of younger strata, and older rocks, it was said, were mistaken for younger rocks when the first dating was done.The 175-million-year dating discrepancy for the Santo Domingo formation is not an isolated case, but adds to the growing list of evidence that long-age radioisotope dating does not give real dates at all.

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