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When Music Player problem occur's it continues updates the music player's but in the end no music files found problem shows, whenever you try to use music player it will again update but nothing will happen.Then we think that only one option left that is formatting the device.Music player not displaying the tracks from memory card: I had a similar problem before with my player, which I was able to solve with a few simple steps. Updating the library is not enough, you have to load the tracks into the player for them to appear.

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Three years and more I gurantee you will work with it and have no single trouble.

especially about apps and memory, so I thought of giving some very simple troubleshooting tips.

I'll focus on two areas since they seem to be the most common I hear. your player will then display all the songs available from your memory card. The music player will automatically load the tracks into the player.

This should show all the memory used in your phone. It won't be exact since your phone is some of its memory just to display the data to you.

Check your gallery too for your themes, graphics, clip-art, etc.

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